- Artist, Photographer, Videographer, Author, High Tech Consultant -

Macy Video - www.macyvideo.com

Beth is an accomplished videographer, having trained with the New York Film Acadamy and with Rosenblum TV in New York City. She is available to produce 1-2 minute web videos. Contact Beth at Macy Video for more information.
Check out her latest work and follow the creation of
"A Long Way for a Short Run."

Many Years Many Worlds

Beth H. Macy is author of Many Years, Many Worlds , a touching and engrossing true story that follows Beth's discovery of her mother's letters and through them sees a side of her mother she never knew. Ride the "Magic Carpet" in 1949 from a chair in 2006. Get it now on Amazon! Check out www.manyyearsmanyworlds.com

Multi-Talented, Many Skills

Beth Heather Macy is a MA LMHC, an accomplished visual artist, ACE certified Personal Trainer, an experienced high tech consultant, an of Many Years, Many Worlds and a videographer
She has tested as "cerebral". This RIGHT BRAINED, LEFT BRAINED ability allows her to bring great creativity into the high technology world as well as good organization into her other fields.

Beth H. Macy, Coach

CTO-level, experienced software development and product development coach

Scrum and Agile Coach

Beth is an expert in her field. She can help any project from inception to ship,in an structured but also innovative and flexible way.
High tech Career